7 Tips For Sending Better Emails

When you start an email campaign, the chances to become a successful campaign depend on many different variables.

To keep it simple, our friends from SEJ and HubSpot made this Info-graphic that focuses on 7 points to make sure your results on email campaigns improve:
1. Email clients
What are the most used email platforms by the users? Understanding this point we will be able to structure our campaigns in the most friendly way possible for our target.

2. Engagement with email clients
What email clients are more likely to open, click or delete your email? If we know how is our target like, we will know if we are on the right path in terms of OR, CTR and Deleted emails.

3. Optimization for smartphones
You really need to optimize your emails for smartphones if you want to improve your results in EDM campaigns.

4. HTML vs. Plain text emails
What gives you more freedom to edit your message and what do the users prefer?

5. Email filters
Users are using email filters more often and you need to be prepared for that optimizing your messages and finding the way to avoid these filters.

6. Unwanted emails
Not only the automatic filters, but also the users are deleting, unsubscribing and putting your emails to the spam folder. Understanding why will give you surely better results.

7. Subject lines
How do different words and lengths in our subject line affect the Open Rate and Click Through Rate?

This data is a great starting point and will give you a better understanding of the market, but remember that every business and target customer is different. The best way to have the best results will be to test and optimize every campaign you run.