Digital trends of 2017 – According to Econsultancy and Adobe

Understanding the importance of customer service

Improved Customer experience dominates the priority list of 2017, according to Econsultancy and Adobe’s survey of 14,000 digital marketers. Companies want seamless customer experience, and the following factors where listed as the most important areas:

  • Improving data analysis capabilities — 63%
  • Optimizing internal collaboration between creative and marketing teams — 53%
  • Optimizing creative workflows to facilitate the rapid creation and deployment of content across multiple platforms — 53%
  • Building more ‘native’ online content such as interactive applications, short-form video etc. – 45%

The respondents where also asked what the forecast on email spend is for 2017, and 46% plan to increase their email budgets, 47% will maintain them as is. This leaves only 7% that will reduce the spend.

Good news for email marketing as a sales channel, and for companies understanding the importance of customer service.