Half of email marketers to invest in dynamic email technology in 2017

Increase of Dynamic Offers in 2017

Serving your customers with dynamic content is an important part of personalisation, and more and more companies plan to include it into their email marketing strategies this year. According to a study by Yesmail , nearly half of marketers (46%) plan to do this during 2017. The value of dynamic content is that it gives you the ability to serve your customers with content that is tailored to their interests and needs. Still many companies send the same offers and content to everyone, presenting them with static offers, but this has proved to not work in a time with more products and services being available than ever before.

Customers have developed, due to the Internet, comparison sites, review sites, magazines, forums, etc.,  an awareness of all the different options out there. And with more and more options available, their taste and preferences have also become more specific and geared towards more specific brands and areas of interest.

This is where dynamic content comes into play, and has proved to be very powerful. Yesmail’s study reveals that 99% of all marketers plan to increase or maintain their budgets in 2017, and our bet is that most of the new resources will be invested in new innovative technologies such as sophisticated dynamic email solutions.

An important part of this will be to use dynamic content across different channels, which also the study confirms, with 40% of companies to invest in cross-channel attribution initiatives in 2017.


Anders Hampf
Senior Online Marketing Manager