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social media leads

social media leads

These days everyone is on social media. OK, I know that’s a big statement. Maybe it’s not everyone but according to the 2017 Sensis Social Media Report, 8 in 10 Aussies are on social media! And 33% of them access their social media accounts more than 5 times a day. That’s a lot.

With this in mind, as an advertiser, social media is starting to look like a pretty important place to be. A place where 80% of the Australian population visit and consume ads. So why should they not be your ads?

It is fair to say that every brand, business and media owner in 2017 knows they need to be on social. However, it is a minefield with ever changing algorithms and viral trends that are bound to confuse even the social media specialists. I am sure many advertisers hung their heads when planking went viral.

We understand this world of social media is a strange one. But you don’t have to totally get it in order to make it work to your advantage.

How to Get Volume and Quality Social Media Leads Using Social Media Channels

Leads are individuals who have taken action on your advertising campaigns. They have indicated their interest in some way and given you a means to stay in touch with them. This would usually be in the form of giving you their email address or phone number. This action is essentially them giving you permission to market to them. This takes them from being a cold lead (someone who has never heard of you) to a warm lead (someone who has given you permission to contact them).

The goal for these leads is to build your email list. From your email list, you can offer more targeted advertising to them along with a strong call to action. So, getting emails is important.

How do you get these leads?
Why do customers ever give you their details? It is because they believe you will give them something of value in return for their information. No one will give you their details for nothing. It is a value exchange. That could look something like:

Content marketing – “Fill in your details to receive a free e-book on xyz”
Competitions – “Fill in your details to go in the draw for xyz”

Bonus tip
Landing pages are generally going to play a big part in your lead capture process. This is where you will send your leads to fill in their details. Make them even more effective by adding a social share button. Allow the new lead to share the offer, deal or competition with their friends on social. Giving your campaign an extra kick; influencer marketing. People follow their friends and peers, make it easy for them to share with their network.

In our experience, Facebook is the best platform to generate quality leads with ease, without the need for landing pages. Facebook ads alone are great, but they also have lead ads, which are better. In just two clicks, an individual can send you the following information, and it is all auto-filled to make it super easy for the user:
Full name, email, Street address, Phone, Post code, City, State, Country, Company, Job title

On all social platforms you can segment and target specific demographics but this is enhanced even further with Facebook lead ads.

If all of that still sounds like too much to take on, Upside.Digital has a team of experts who get this weird and wonderful world of social media. We don’t just get it. We love it. We know how to get the best results. High quality leads. In quantity. Generating solid ROI.