The 2016 numbers are in – And email is still kicking new goals

Email marketers know it already, but it can always come in handy to have fresh stats to throw into the marketing budget discussion. Email again comes out on top of all sales channels when summarizing 2016. The results in eConsultancy’s annual research report are categorically clear; also 2016 email got the highest Return On Investment with 73% of respondents ranking it as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’. Runner up is SEO, with 67%, and third Content Marketing with 62%.  Paid Search is still performing well, but then there’s a distinct gap down to a group perceived as low performers; Social, Offline,  Affiliate marketing, Mobile, and Display.


Anyone reading my texts before know I’ve had concerns about the effectiveness of Social when it comes to advertising, and the report confirms that people still find it hard to get value from this channel. The report also highlights a somewhat worrying fact; 48% of organisations still don’t have a mobile strategy. This might explain the low performance of mobile marketing, since it’s such a new channel many marketers still struggle to get a positive ROI from it.


Anders Hampf
Senior Online Marketing Manager