Tips for success from 5 top minds in Digital Media

Tips for success from 5 top minds in Digital Media

The digital marketing landscape is ever-changing; we all know this. Keeping ahead of the game can often be put down to who you surround yourself with, not only in person but also online.

With this in mind, we have consolidated advice from 5 of the top minds in digital media on how to succeed in their specialised field.

Rand Fishkin – Wizard, MozRand Fishkin

Specialty: SEO
Follow him on Twitter – @randfish

On Rand’s blog, Moz, you will find tons of great advice on SEO – here are his 8 principles to successful SEO:

  1. Fulfill the searcher’s goal and satisfy their intent
  2. Speed, speed, & more speed
  3. Create trust & engagement through UI, UX, and branding
  4. Avoid elements that dissuade visitors
  5. Keyword targeting
  6. Related topics targeting
  7. Snippet optimization
  8. Unique value + amplification

Gary Vaynerchuk – CEO, Vayner MediaGary Vaynerchuk

Specialty: Social Media
Follow him on Twitter – @garyvee

Gary Vaynerchuk is certainly a big personality. Within digital media and startup circles it is quite unusual that someone not know this name. Gary has made a name for himself across a variety of niches but one that he is particularly prolific in is social media. Here are his top tips to succeed on social media:

  1. Understand how you communicate
  2. Produce content for your audience, not for yourself
  3. Make it contextual to the platform

Larry Kim – Founder, WordstreamLarry Kim

Specialty: PPC/SEM
Follow him on Twitter – @larrykim

Larry Kim has made a name for himself as one of the most influential people in PPC/SEM for a number of years running. The founder of Wordstream believes “Emotional intelligence is a key indicator for success in business, relationships, and life in general.”

3 crucial PPC factors that can be real game changers:

  1. Ad Creative: So much of the success of PPC is based on getting people to click on your ads. Yet most ads are ridiculously boring and unimaginative.
  2. Effort: Most people simply don’t do much.
  3. Be An Early Adopter: It’s incredibly powerful to be the first in your niche using the latest AdWords tools and features. You have to stay ahead of the curve or you’re always going to be stuck doing the same thing as everyone else.

Joe Pulizzi – Founder, Content Marketing InstituteJoe Pulizzi

Speciality: Content Marketing
Follow him on Twitter – @joepulizzi

Joe believes “Our job, as marketers, is not to create more content. It has never been about that. It’s about creating the minimum amount of content with the maximum amount of behavior change in our customers. For that to be possible, what you are creating has to be valuable, useful, compelling and, yes, different.”

The 7 Traits of Successful Content Marketers

  1. Desire
  2. Faith
  3. Specialized Knowledge
  4. Imagination
  5. Organized Planning
  6. Decision

Tink Taylor – Founder & President, dotMailerTink Taylor

Speciality: Email Marketing
Follow him on Twitter – @tinktaylor

Tink Taylor is a well known thought leader in the email marketing space. He has been succeeding in the space for a number of years and is looked up to by anyone in email marketing looking to get ahead and learn from the best.

Five tips for successful email marketing:

  1. Get the basics right
  2. Focus on the customer experience
  3. Get the business strategy right and the email marketing strategy will follow
  4. Don’t be afraid of sending lots of emails
  5. Get the function right but don’t forget about the form too

Strategically arranging your social feed is now one of the most effective ways to keep ahead of what new in your area. Identify who is a thought leader in your space, follow what they do and you will quickly find the latest news coming to you.