Where Ad Blockers fear to go…

Where Ad Blockers fear to go

Ad Blockers have become the bane of digital marketers that sit in publisher land but also for advertisers trying to reach their target audiences.

According to a recent report by Adobe and PageFair, there are over 198 Million Internet users who use ad blockers to prevent digital ads like banners, pop-ups and in-line adverts from appearing on websites they are utilising and this number is growing by 40% year-on-year.

In 2015 it was estimated that ad-blockers cost publishers $22 billion in lost revenue and far more in lost earnings for advertisers not being able to reach their audience.

Here’s how Upside.Digital are helping…

Dynamic email advertising has become the answer to some of the ad-blocking frustration where we can serve highly targeted ads in to existing publisher email newsletters which are free of ad-blocking technology.

In a recent article I wrote in B&T, I described 5 reasons why publishers should definitely include native ad strategy in their existing email campaigns:

1) You get bonus content for free
2) Native ads are immune to pop-up blockers.
3) Email integrates with online ad servers.
4) Built-in targeting maximises ROI.
5) Native email ads drive revenue.

To find out more about this for both publisher or advertisers, feel free to connect today.

Lee Bush