Why Email Marketing?

email marketing

email marketing

It should be safe to say that you’ve heard of email marketing before. Someone has probably told you that you need it. Yet, maybe you’re not entirely sure what it is, how it works and if it actually adds any value to your business.


Email marketing has been around for quite some time. It is the 2.0 version of direct marketing. Every email you receive from a brand, business or individual offering you a product or service is part of an email marketing campaign. The goal for businesses, brands or individuals sending these email messages is to create interaction, build loyalty and encourage purchasing and repeat purchasing from the customers receiving their message.


How Does Email Marketing Work?
In a simplistic world the email marketing process looks like this:
1. Build your email list of loyal customers or individuals who have, at some point, expressed interest in your business.
2. Create email marketing campaign to go to this list of customers – ensure there is a call to action (get them to engage).
3. Track click throughs and conversion.
4. Use data collected to learn about each of your customers.
5. Using this data, segment your lists to make messaging more relevant for next campaign.
6. Now you may be able to run multiple campaigns based on pools of different customer profiles.
7. Send targeted email campaign.
8. Learn more.
9. Repeat.
10. Repeat.
11. Repeat.


Why Email Marketing Trumps Other Channels
As we highlight in 2017 – The Year Advertisers and Consumers Loved Email Again, the simple fact that you have an email list indicates that you have an audience who is bought into your brand. They have given you permission to market to them! They are already engaged.
On average, email marketing campaigns will give you a $38 return for every $1 spent! While other channels are still important, no other channel (not display ads or social or content) beat that return on investment.
The greatest value that can be achieved through email marketing, beyond monetary value, has to be that you can learn from your customers as you are communicating with them through these email marketing campaigns. You can learn what they respond to and what they do not. You can segment your email list into people who clicked on blue vs people who clicked on red. You can ask your audience to interact with the campaign, continually capturing that data so that you can improve their experience each time, which will improve your ROI.


Top 6 perks of email marketing:
1. The exact ROI can be tracked
2. Email marketing is still one of the cheapest methods of marketing
3. You learn from each campaign – meaning the more campaigns you run, the better your results and the better your customers experience.
4. Email marketing can be used to test the market. You can do batches to see how your audience respond. This could help you identify whether to create new products or offerings, without having to build a new product first.
5. You can reach high numbers of engaged individuals.
6. While it may seem that social dominates the world, there are still more people on the planet with an email address then there are those with a social media account.

If you do not already have an email list. Never fear, Upside.Digital can help you to build your list from the ground up and transform it into a marketing channel that delivers solid ROI. For anyone else, whether your email list is small or large, you can always benefit from a check up to make sure it is in top shape and delivering the best results possible for your business. Upside.Digital can help.