Building our Internal Brand: Billy Explores

What have we been up to?

Although Upside Digital has continued to help an array of clients with their lead generation, we’ve also been busy building our own brand which specialises in comparing top energy providers across Australia. Through research and analysis, we found household expenses like electricity and gas are a hot topic when it comes to those factors that continue to contribute significantly to everyday households’ cost of living. Furthermore, adding to this challenge there is a distinct lack of awareness among consumers with regard to the availability and types of different energy deals on the market. Also, people, these days are living such busy lifestyles that they may be more and more stretched for time. For these reasons, consumers have become less and less inclined to compare gas and electric providers.

But what is surprising is that the process of comparing electricity providers doesn’t need to be something you spend a copious amount of time researching and following-up on. From this, we saw an attractive opportunity to launch an energy comparison service under the Billy Explores brand, as a super tool for users as well as a killer lead generation brand to take to market. After working relentlessly over the past year on building, implementing and reviewing our website, we are very pleased with its progression and so would love to use this time to tell you more about Billy Explores!

How does Billy Explores work?

Billy Explores was formed in late 2017, with the aim of helping Australians reduce their living costs and place them in a better financial position. What does Billy Explores do, you ask? It compares gas and electricity among some of the biggest energy providers AU (in Australia), which include:

After completing the quick energy compare sign-up process, requiring just a few simple details, you’ll be able to find providers’ electricity rates specifically tailored to your needs. This process will help to identify which energy deals are best for you, and should you choose to switch there are potentially HUGE savings to be made on your electricity monthly bills. Remember, gas and electricity providers are well known for offering extremely generous deals to attract new customers – why not take advantage of this?

Who can compare using Billy Explores?

Billy is passionate about finding the cheapest gas and electric deals across Australia. No matter where you reside, be it a rural town or an urban city across New South Wales (NSW), Victoria (VIC), Queensland (QLD), South Australia (SA) or the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Billy has the expertise to find only the best electricity rates for  your locality.

If you’re still not convinced, see what Phil from Cooma, NSW had to say: “I recently used the services of Billy Explores to assess my utility bills and could not be happier with the service that was provided and the savings that I have been able to make. I highly recommend Billy Explores.”

Compare energy now!

So, no matter what your situation is or motivations are to reduce your average electricity bill – whether your bills are at an all-time high because of the change in the seasons or you’re bearing the brunt of unreliable gas and coal-fired power, or if it’s anything in-between – Billy Explores will be there.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop paying over the odds for gas and electricity bills in your city or town and start SAVING today? In doing so, you will join the savvy savers club of over 60, 000 Aussies who have taken the plunge and reviewed their current deal, and saved on their bills using Billy Explores’ quick energy compare sign-up form. Alternatively, if you would like to get started right now, you can reach one of our expert energy partners by phone, on 1300 391 478.

What’s next?

After speaking with our avid customers and hearing their overwhelmingly positive feedback on the process of comparing and switching with Billy Explores, the Upside Digital team saw an opportunity to expand the Billy Explores brand to include health and life insurance comparison in addition to energy. Stay tuned for our update on that!