Did you Hit the Mark? Report outlines the best in email marketing

Winners in the Hit the Mark report

This week Dotmailer, one of the major ESPs, released their annual email marketing report outlining the best and worse of 100 influential global retailers. Below their ranking of the top 10 retail companies for email marketing and customer experience:

  1. ASOS
  2. Best Buy
  3. Asda
  4. EasyJet
  5. John Lewis
  6. J.Crew
  7. Holiday Extras
  8. New Look
  9. Overstock
  10. Trainline

Left are 90 retail brands that didn’t do too well, and must improve their processes to compete in the future. Although all companies in the report are major brands, many of them struggle when it comes to basic email marketing best practices. A majority of the brands are not using data properly, and many of them still send untargeted and non-personalised content, or even miss out on sending welcome emails.

Improvements needed

The report shows that 40% of retailers are not having any cart abandonment programme, to capture leads that are leaving the page before finalising a purchase. This is specially alarming considering that research shows that an average of 70% of users don’t finalise a purchase ones started.

The report also reveals that 46% of retailers don’t ask for feedback from customers after  completing a purchase, which means they are losing out on the possibility to improve the shopping experience and build stronger customer relationships.

The bottom line is that even the biggest brands have still much to work on and improve. Often these companies lack a clear email strategy, or it’s simply not as thorough as one could expect from multi billion dollar companies. The good news is that these companies have still much money to earn by improving their processes, and with increased competition throughout all sales channels, email will prove to be crucial in the future for companies aiming to stay ahead of competition.


About the author
Anders Hampf
Senior Online Marketing Manager
Anders has been working with online marketing for the last decade and specializes in online monetization and email marketing. Anders has helped multiple companies to monetize their sites and has come up with numerous innovative customized solutions for his clients with amazing success.