How to engage your email list?

After more than 6 years of experience, I get the same question again and again: How can we engage our email lists from the initial subscription and convert them all the way through to loyal customers?

For that reason, we joined last week a a Webinar with Bob Kamal from Lyris HQ who presented on Email List Engagement.

If you missed it, please check the video below. In this webinar you will learn how to engage your marketing list through the following steps:

  1. How to capture the right information
  2. How to send relevant, timely welcome emails
  3. How to develop your list to build a two way dialogue
  4. How to reward loyalty and retain purchases
  5. How to re-engage customers who stop engaging or buying your products

Enjoy it and remember that if you have any questions about how to engage your email lists, don’t hesitate contacting us