email marketing

Why Email Marketing?

It should be safe to say that you’ve heard of email marketing before. Someone has probably told you that you need it. Yet, maybe you’re not entirely sure what it is, how it works and if it actually adds any value to your business.   Email marketing has been around for quite some time. It […]

Improve your data quality

High data quality beats any email personalisation

I often listen to email marketers complaining about poor email performance, and they explain all the things they do well, including email personalisation and automated email programs. But in the end of the day they don’t get the response they’re after. However, sometimes you need to take one step back before taking two steps forward, […]

Trump vulnerable on Twitter

Trump and his staff vulnerable due to bad Twitter security settings

Trump has only in a few days as the President of the United State (“POTUS”) changed the political landscape in the world. He has moved the political debate from hotlines and secured meeting rooms to social media, and during the last week we’ve seen him debating who will pay for the famous wall with Mexico’s […]

Verticals that work well on digital and why

With 2017 already moving ahead at the speed of sound, it feels like a good time to reflect and take stock of the year behind us, looking into which verticals were succeeding in the digital marketing game across email, display, social and content. Email marketing: Our humble friend, email, garnered excellent results with Not for […]

Lead Enablement Automation Technique

As technology advances, the bridge connecting sales and marketing seems more like a step between two river beds, rather than the rickety long rope bridge it once was. With each of these disciplines evolving, the role they play in supporting one another becomes all the more intertwined. Not all that long ago marketing was seen […]

The 2016 numbers are in – And email is still kicking new goals

Email marketers know it already, but it can always come in handy to have fresh stats to throw into the marketing budget discussion. Email again comes out on top of all sales channels when summarizing 2016. The results in eConsultancy’s annual research report are categorically clear; also 2016 email got the highest Return On Investment with 73% of […]

How to reach decision makers: Learnings for B2B marketers

You might already have an amazing B2B product or service, but if you cannot reach through to the desired audience, it won’t unfortunately help you much. A recent study of 1,357 executives, made by The Quartz, offers valuable insight on how to reach the most hard-to-reach group of all: top executives. Time of the day: […]

Why You Click on Click Bait: The Shocking Truth Revealed

The secret truth behind click bait that will shock you… It’s a familiar story… You scroll through your Facebook feed and come across a link with fairly innocuous image of a young boy playing piano. The caption reads something like “When this boy sat down to play piano, no-one expected this. What he does at […]

Did someone just kill email marketing (again)?

Does email marketing belong to the past, or have we only scratched on the surface what this ‘old fashion’ sales channel can do? Well, fact is that its position on the Iron Throne of the ROI Kingdoms has been unchallenged for many years, and the trend is not changing. In fact, we see the opposite […]