Verticals that work well on digital and why

With 2017 already moving ahead at the speed of sound, it feels like a good time to reflect and take stock of the year behind us, looking into which verticals were succeeding in the digital marketing game across email, display, social and content. Email marketing: Our humble friend, email, garnered excellent results with Not for […]

Lead Enablement Automation Technique

As technology advances, the bridge connecting sales and marketing seems more like a step between two river beds, rather than the rickety long rope bridge it once was. With each of these disciplines evolving, the role they play in supporting one another becomes all the more intertwined. Not all that long ago marketing was seen […]

How to reach decision makers: Learnings for B2B marketers

You might already have an amazing B2B product or service, but if you cannot reach through to the desired audience, it won’t unfortunately help you much. A recent study of 1,357 executives, made by The Quartz, offers valuable insight on how to reach the most hard-to-reach group of all: top executives. Time of the day: […]