Why should I use Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads can be used for very different reasons, from growing your community online to trafficking the users to a page of your website and make them take an action (fill a form, download an app, etc.). But I can do that with Google Ads, why should I use Facebook Ads instead?

I would say that there are four reasons why Facebook Ads should be something to consider in your online strategy:


When we use Facebook we share information about us. Even if we don’t do it with that segmentationintention, when we like, comment, share or post anything, Facebook collects data about us. Your company can use that information to advertise on Facebook. How?

Whenever you decide to run a Facebook Ads Campaign, one of the most important things will be to choose the right target. But imagine that you can do segmentation not only by gender,age, area and interests but you can actually target those who have taken a specific action in the last months (i.e. Have moved from their place, bought a new phone, started a relationship, went to a place, are planning to travel, played a game, etc.)

With Facebook Ads, segmentation has gone a step further giving us the chance to display our ads to a very specific and relevant target.

Does that mean that you are going to receive more traffic and more “Likes”? No. Actually, depending on how specific you are with your target definition, those numbers will decrease, but every single visitor or “Like” will be more relevant for your brand and more likely to convert. This numbers will translate to a higher conversion rate and more conversions spending less money in your campaign. Instead of fishing with nets, getting fishes that are not relevant to your brand and spending big amounts of money, Facebook Ads gives you the chance to choose what kind of fishes you want and spend less money.


engagementHow annoying is to watch a movie or a TV show at home and all of a sudden be interrupted with commercials?! Even if they tell me something relevant, it will rarely be as interesting as the content that I was watching.

Kind of the same happens with some online advertising strategies like the skippable and non-skippable video ads on Youtube, Pop-ups or even some types of display banners.

With Facebook Ads that won’t happen for two reasons:

1. They don’t overlay others’ content

2. As a user you can decide if you want to read the ad now, read it later or just don’t read it. This last decision can be considered as a bad result but if you think about it as a non-intrusive branding action it becomes a good opportunity to make a first contact with your target not being annoying.


Facebook Ads offers one of the most competitive CPM of the online market. Considering the segmentation tools we commented before, it makes it very good value.

In terms of price I would add that is not only cheap but gives you the chance to use your money very wisely. In other words, is a non-money-wasting advertising tool.


If you put together a well targeted and segmented campaign and an engaging message and call to action, you will get a positive ROI.

Obviously there will be other factors that will make your campaign more or less successful. I’m talking about the design of the ad, the landing page of your offer, your website, your social presence (do you have an active Facebook Fanpage?) or even the times when you serve your ad.

In summary, Facebook Ads should probably become part of your budget in online advertising considering the results you could get. But, like with any other digital marketing tools, it’s not magic, you will need to create the right strategy and work constantly to optimize it if you want it to be successful.