Born in 2009, Upside.Digital has grown from a humble consulting business to a thriving Digital Agency made up of fun and dynamic digital guns. Combining years of Senior Corporate experiences, founders Nicci Barnes and Lee Bush embarked on an adventure to educate SMB’s on how to be successful online.

They soon realised that whilst education was nice, action was better! This formed our core values of delivering great results and sharing our knowledge and expertise with our clients to increase their client engagement and overall conversion rates.

Our success stems from expanding our services in to alternate digital media that has proven results for our clients with almost immediate ROI.

These means that no matter what your objectives are or who your audience is, we can help you do it, and do it successfully.



Located on the beautiful shores of Manly NSW, some may say it would be hard not to have somewhat of a beach culture. Most of our team either live in or around Manly which makes our team more like a family than colleagues. We care what people get up to on the weekend and we support their achievements and goals.

We have Friday Beer’O’clock with a minibasketball shootouts or high stake ping pong challenges.

We have a diverse cultural mix with each continent being represented outside of Antarctica. By all means, if you are reading this from Antarctica and are a digital guru, contact us today!!


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