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Updated 28th June 2019

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At Upside.Digital, we are aware of our responsibilities as a good Internet citizen and are dedicated to protecting the privacy rights of other Internet citizens. We vigorously oppose the sending of unsolicited email (spam).

Upside.Digital does not allow anyone to use our services for the purpose of sending spam. We refuse business from known spammers. If a current Upside.Digital customer uses our services to spam anyone, that customer′s service will be voided without refund.

It is a requirement that each email message sent out from Upside.Digital includes an easy way for subscribers to remove themselves via an unsubscribe link. If a recipient calls our offices and requests to be manually removed from a customer′s list, we will manually unsubscribe the recipient from the customer′s account.

Upside.Digital may determine at its sole discretion whether a customer is spamming. There are a number of factors Upside.Digital uses to determine whether a customer is spamming, including, but not limited to: complaints sent to abuse report addresses, SpamCop reports, complaints sent to any of Upside.Digital’s upstream providers, and evaluating a customer′s mass email statistics and recipient addresses. Decisions made by Upside.Digital personnel regarding a customer′s use of Upside.Digital are final.

Any customer that sends spam is in violation of this Anti–Spam policy.

To ask questions about this Anti–Spam Policy, or to report spamming activity by one of our customers, please contact our privacy department at: Upside.Digital Pty Ltd, Level 5 | 502/22 Central Avenue | Manly | NSW 2095 | Australia. Alternatively you can use the Contact Us form on this site.of Upside.Digital′s website is an infringement of copyright.