Project Management for Operational Staff in Digital Media

Project Management for Operational Staff in Digital Media

Project management, both a job title and a methodology which can be applied by any person, in any role, within any industry to more effectively manage projects, or campaigns. As an operations professional you are the hub of the company; creating and delivering killer campaigns to live up to your sales teams promises and delight […]

Keeping it together - Sales vs Operations

Keeping it together – Sales vs Operations

Since the dawn of man, woman and business… There have been sales people. These charismatic individuals could be identified in many a backyard or marketplace, negotiating with their neighbours in the pursuit of selling a chicken in return for cow (clearly an excellent deal). The masters of this craft went on to sell services and […]

Go Responsive or go home

Go responsive or go home

It was 2015, fear began to erupt across the globe as word of Mobilegeddon began to circulate. Google had announced that they would be changing their algorithms to favour mobile-friendly design for their users searching on mobile. Panic ensued, web design companies cashed in as businesses the world over hastily set out to fall in […]

2017 - the year advertisers and-consumers loved email again

2017 – The year Advertisers and Consumers Loved email again

So, it looks like 2017 is the year that advertisers and consumers come to love email again. To be fair, email has always been a good friend, that friend who is so trusty and reliable that they are known for being dependable but perhaps not the most exciting in the friendship circle. Sure, sure, we’ve […]

Verticals that work well on digital and why

With 2017 already moving ahead at the speed of sound, it feels like a good time to reflect and take stock of the year behind us, looking into which verticals were succeeding in the digital marketing game across email, display, social and content. Email marketing: Our humble friend, email, garnered excellent results with Not for […]

Lead Enablement Automation Technique

As technology advances, the bridge connecting sales and marketing seems more like a step between two river beds, rather than the rickety long rope bridge it once was. With each of these disciplines evolving, the role they play in supporting one another becomes all the more intertwined. Not all that long ago marketing was seen […]

How to reach decision makers: Learnings for B2B marketers

You might already have an amazing B2B product or service, but if you cannot reach through to the desired audience, it won’t unfortunately help you much. A recent study of 1,357 executives, made by The Quartz, offers valuable insight on how to reach the most hard-to-reach group of all: top executives. Time of the day: […]

Why You Click on Click Bait: The Shocking Truth Revealed

The secret truth behind click bait that will shock you… It’s a familiar story… You scroll through your Facebook feed and come across a link with fairly innocuous image of a young boy playing piano. The caption reads something like “When this boy sat down to play piano, no-one expected this. What he does at […]

Did someone just kill email marketing (again)?

Does email marketing belong to the past, or have we only scratched on the surface what this ‘old fashion’ sales channel can do? Well, fact is that its position on the Iron Throne of the ROI Kingdoms has been unchallenged for many years, and the trend is not changing. In fact, we see the opposite […]

We live in a truly mobile world… Lets Benefit From It!

We use our mobile devices for everything from getting food delivered, to keeping in touch with friends and doing our banking. We use them to play games, watch videos and read the news and sometimes… even to make phone calls! Yes, the humble smartphone has evolved into a multi-purpose super tool that most cannot do […]

The Rise of Facebook Video

Why You Are Seeing So Many Videos in Your Facebook Feed and What The Rise of Facebook Video Means To You In 2015, Facebook registered an average of 8 billion video views per day. An impressive figure, even more so when you consider that one year earlier it was only 1 billion. Although there are […]

Creating the perfect email design: Techniques to ensure high conversion

[Creating the perfect email design: Techniques to ensure high conversion] “A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.” –Martin LeBlanc Making the best email is all about putting yourself into the user’s shoes. Think always about the user, like all good design pieces, then about the […]