What is a Digital Marketing Agency and Why Do You Need One?

In simple terms, a Digital Marketing Agency could be described as an advertising agency which has evolved to meet the changing needs of marketing in the digital age. Digital Agencies consult with their clients to assess their digital needs and ensure they have effective strategies across the digital channels. The great thing about digital marketing and digital channels is that everything is measured. Your agency is accountable to deliver results. They will be able to tell you what you will get out of what you put it. The digital world is transparent, although it might not always look that way.

Digital Agency services include:
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email Marketing, Mobile Campaigns, Social Campaigns, Content Creation, Online Lead Generation, Online Media Campaigns, ROI Assessment.

Why Do You Need One?

Only a decade ago agencies held the power. Their knowledge, skills and resources were out of reach to lay-people. Businesses, even those with internal marketing departments, still had to rely heavily on digital agencies to fill the gaps and add the specialist knowledge when it came to digital marketing activities.

Today mostly everyone has access to the same resources. You can find the information online and if you’re willing to invest the time, sure, you can do much of it yourself. So why does anyone need a digital agency?

The scope of ‘digital’ is growing rapidly. Social media platforms, on which we advertise, are changing their algorithms more frequently than Mark Zuckerburg changes his shirt. Technology is advancing in every channel. Things like programmatic and contextual marketing are game changers across the digital marketing channels. Yet, these things move quickly. It is a full-time job to keep abreast of these changes.

Individuals who specialise in Digital rarely know everything across all specialisations in digital. With so many specialist fields in the digital sphere, professionals in this space have had to specialise in a particular space in order to master it and keep on top of the rapid changes.

Media owners, business owners and staff are busy. You have a job. Keeping on top of the ever changing world of digital marketing is a full-time job. Maybe you’re passionate to learn. But, if you’re not, you are always going to get more value from engaging a digital agency. They not only work in their specialisation day in and day out but these individuals also study endlessly to stay relevant and up to date to deliver the best results for you. They can consult you on your needs, share with you ideas on what will and will not work and give you an understanding of the results you can expect to see from your investment.

Why stab in the dark when you can lean on professionals to get the best results, every time.

Upside.Digital is a digital agency in Sydney. Based in Manly we have a team of highly qualified digital marketing and lead generation experts on staff. We offer a variety of solutions to help you achieve your business goals. Upside.Digital can help with everything from helping you to grow your own data base, drive traffic to your website and generate sign ups to an upcoming event, new product or field service offering or even conducting online surveys.

We are a consultative agency and understand that every business is different. We pride ourselves on delivering great results and sharing our knowledge so that you can help yourself. Whether you are a business, brand or media owner, Upside.Digital can help you to grow your client base and increase the ROI from your digital efforts.