Who Makes Your Digital Marketing Agency Operate Effectively

Have you ever wondered who makes up the building blocks for an effective Digital Marketing Agency? The operation of a successful Digital Marketing Agency comes down to a harmony of roles and skills that, when combined, make magic for our clients. Each key person and their role are critical to the success of the agency. Alone we do cool things but together is where the magic happens. With this in mind, we employ the perfect blend of masters in their individual craft who collaboratively work together to deliver beautiful campaigns with solid results for our clients.


Let’s take a look at the roles that are imperative to the smooth, efficient and effective running of a Digital Agency. Many of whom support your business from behind the scenes.

This team are the technical implementer of your marketing strategies. This includes technical SEO specialists and your team of developers. Developers can code into creation just about anything client’s desire and in this team, there should be both backend and frontend developers. These guys are responsible for any website development, frontend and backend, as well as plugin or app development.

Here we have the group who take a strategy and turn it into a work of visual beauty. Working on the direction of the operations and sales staff, the creative team take client requests and turn them into content that connects with and attracts your audience. Involved in this fantastical group are copywriters, who generate the words and slogans for your advertising campaigns. Their number one focus is to communicate the benefits of your brand product or service. Graphic designers add the visual component to your campaign; the colour and pop. Translating a message into a visual work of art.

The team on the frontline. Maybe even the only people in the agency that you have had the pleasure of meeting. These guys are responsible for finding clients. More complex than it sounds, this involves highly strategic sales strategies to prospect, win over and close clients. Winning business for the agency. Not only responsible for bringing in the revenue but the sales team are tasked with effectively translating customer requirements back to the operations team and broader business to ensure it is delivered to expectation. These guys are the face of the business and will take most of the kudos from clients but also most of the heat if a client is ever unimpressed.

Often the yin to the yang of the sales team, operations are responsible for smooth delivery of projects. They take the requirements from sales and bring together the wider team to plan the project and map out a path to delivery. The operations staff implement strategic plans within the business to increase efficiency and effectiveness wherever possible. This is both for the agency internally and externally to its clients. Beyond this, the operation team are likely responsible for the onboarding of new staff. Ensuring this harmony is maintained and enhanced with each new addition.

The marketing team has a diverse range of responsibilities from managing email databases and scheduling email campaigns. They can work on SEO activities, social media advertising campaigns, lead generation activities and consulting with clients and partners. They support the sales team to deliver sales as well as supporting clients with strategy and advice.

This perfect blend of individuals and skill sets is not always easy to achieve. On top of the right job titles and skills, you need the right people. People who are passionate and enthusiastic. About their field. About their clients. About their team.