Building our Internal Brand: Billy Explores

What have we been up to? Although Upside Digital has continued to help an array of clients with their lead generation, we’ve also been busy building our own brand which specialises in comparing top energy providers across Australia. Through research and analysis, we found household expenses like electricity and gas are a hot topic when […]

Is the Digital Media Landscape changing?

The digital media landscape is moving at the speed of light. Perhaps that’s an exaggeration. But as professionals within the digital marketing industry, we see new tools and trends pop up daily. To keep abreast of what’s new and what’s coming, a browse online once a month will no longer do the trick. We would […]

Who Makes Your Digital Marketing Agency Operate Effectively

Have you ever wondered who makes up the building blocks for an effective Digital Marketing Agency? The operation of a successful Digital Marketing Agency comes down to a harmony of roles and skills that, when combined, make magic for our clients. Each key person and their role are critical to the success of the agency. […]